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(1) Name: Flicka Gender: Female Age: 15 (B-day:June 30th) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Bright green • Height: 5’6″ Species: Woodlum Status: Single Occupation: Maid for the wealthy Rosié family Tattoos/Markings: Strange symbol or number on the left side just below her neck Personality: Flicka is very independant and quite but is not afraid to speak her […]

Ok, I decided to post some pics of the Tampa game I went to during the march break just b’cause!… o.O; HAHAH It sorta gave me an insparation to post the digital camera ones since disposable cameras don’t do the trick.So here they are! Umm..I’m not sure if that’s Burke or Grahame(is that how you […]

Ok ok…I had to post this. This site actually tells you how much you’re worth by asking you lifestyle/physical questions and whatnot. HA! Nice..Anyways this is what I’m worth:$1,638,994 HELLZ YEAH! It’s pretty good buuuuuuutttt I know I’m worth much more in real life =PAlexia♥

Burn sun, BURN!


UGH! Curse you ever burning sun…you make me sizzle! And not in the good way! Yesterday, the 6th graders, 7th graders and my class(8th) went to Hearst for some Franco Fête thing. It went well(at least we weren’t in school) but when good things happen to me, there’s always a catch. This time, my ivory […]



OMGNESS.Last night I invented the raddest story line EVER. The main character in the story is a 15 year old Woodlum named Flicka(Woodlums are elven type people that reside in the..woods). She has long wavy blond hair and super bright green eyes, almost like lime green and her enemy happens to be her old friend […]



Ok, I just came back from track and field try-outs and it went well, I got 1st place in all the girls that tried out, but let’s just say it din’t all go as planned.I got 1,20(metres), wich is really swell, but when I tried to go for 1,25, I sorta got injured. I landed […]

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. The Ottawa Senators were eliminated last night!! I’M SO FREAKIN’ DISAPOINTED AND SAD.Like when I saw Emery’s face after the goal went in, I almost cried!! He looked sooooooo sad! I felt so sad for him :(I really wanted Ottawa to win!! (I only got to see 1 playoff game…my dad had gotten playoff […]