Burn sun, BURN!

UGH! Curse you ever burning sun…you make me sizzle! And not in the good way!
Yesterday, the 6th graders, 7th graders and my class(8th) went to Hearst for some Franco Fête thing. It went well(at least we weren’t in school) but when good things happen to me, there’s always a catch. This time, my ivory skin was a victim of hot sauce skinitis. Yes’m, I got a kick ass sunburn.
The worst of all is that I had a little Franco Drapeau tatoo on my cheek all day, so when I cleaned my face last night, the white outline of the tatoo apeared. QUELLE HORREUR! I almost fainted! Like, who wants THAT on their face, let alone a sunburn?
Welllllll…..on the upside, I gotta haircut! ;} Yep, I got it cut to my shoulders and got eyebrow length bangs that whisp to the side. YAYYAYYAY! I was so happy with the outcome. So, next friday I’m getting highlights and I’m hoping to go back to my natural medium brown/light brown hair and get blond and black highlights. Dude, that’s the shnitzel.
On a hockey note, I’ve been watching all the Edmonton games lately and can they ever play!! HOLY MOLY WHATA GOALIE! Roloson kicks tail!! But I really like all the players on that team and they’re cool and good. Righton! They won all their first 3 games but last night…eesh…they lost 3-6. Poor guys, it wasen’t their night, eh? Oh well, Anaheim fans will be P.Oed when Edmonton wins in California. hahahahaha poooooooooor Ducks.
OML! My fav goal last night was the George Laraque goal. HOLY CRUD MAN, he waited ’til the right moment, deked out Giguère and scored! Gosh, the whole arena was rumbling!!! Even I was on my feet jumping around!! Then again, I’m always on my feet jumping around during a hockey game…teehee.
Now that I think of it, I could’ve been in Ottawa today or tomorrow at the Sens arena to watch a game. But NOOOOOO they had to get kicked out of the playoffs(I LOVE THAT TEAM!But not as much I love the Montréal Canadiens…). I only got to see one of the games but that’s okay since it was the game that they won the series!!! It was the best game I ever went to see even if it was the second time I saw a Ottawa-Tampa game. WHO CARES AT LEAST I WENT TO A PLAYOFF GAME!
During the normal season I saw 3 Sens games, one at the school trip(against Pitsburg) and two during the March break(one against Tampa the other against..Buffalo…-glare-). I can’t wait for next season because I’ll get to see a Habs game!!!!!!!! I bet I’ll cry when the players(and the goalies =D) get on the ice….Or maybe I’ll just jump around!
Well that’s all for now so ’til next time,

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