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<3 Halak, Koivu, Ryder, Bouillon..etc. I’m so proud of them. Montreal played so awsomely (is that a word? If not, I just invented it ;D)!! Welcome to the NHL Halak.. Rock it! Advertisements

Good god I had a scadalous time Friday night. I worked at a 6th to 8th grader dance for the second time..It’s so fun! ‘s not even natural how much of a blast I had. Isabelle, Val and I started by working at the coat racks..SO that means we were there when the “stampede” of […]

GOOD GOD I’M ON THE VERGE OF GOING INSANE.If Montreal doesn’t start showin’ some disipline, I munna hafta go over there and teach ’em a thing or two about NOT FRIGGIN’ GIVING TEAMS A TWO MAN ADVANTAGE!!! I am at my wits END, as I’m sure Carbo and Gainey are too!Y’know, the only thing that’s […]



A three-legged kitten walking slow-motion out of a cage while slow music plays in the background.Can’t get much more pathetic than that. Actually, wait. You can. Ladies and gentlemen, The Montreal Canadiens. wtf’s going on?



I’ve been having too many hockey dreams for my own good lately. Last night I dreamt that my dad, my brother and I went to a Sens/Habs game in Ottawa. The arena was really weird, kinda like a small town one, and instead of Ottawa playing against Montreal, it was Atlanta. … Yeah, I know. […]

This is my 50th post since I started my blog in May of 2006. Does time fly or what? OH THE MEMORIES. Anyway, I’m just giving the update link for my hockey blog so go read now or else I’ll break bones okay okay good. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE OR ELSE I […]

OMFG GYM WAS SO FUN TODAY. I haven’t had that much fun in AGES. I laughed sooo mcuh it’s unbeleivable..good god, talk about awesome. ‘Kay well today we had a substitute teacher in gym, so we had this mini volley-ball tourney. Even if my team only won 1 game (the funnest one), we had a […]