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I’m a bit happy right now.Ok, I was never good at bluffing.I’m on cloud nine. After my Science test this morning, (which was sooo much easier than I expected- half the stuff I studied wasn’t even on the test) I was completely care-free for the rest of the day. I had a pack of Skittles […]

Vitesse Rouge.


Carmine’s name is a play on the Redshirts of Star Trek, who were often the first members of the away team to die, alerting the main characters of danger. Carmine is the particular shade of red these “Ensign Expendables” wear. Carmine also follows the fate of a Redshirt, being the first COG soldier in the […]



Dude, last night was soooo cool! Guess who played for the Old-Timers yesterday.…Bob Probert.Isn’t that wicked?!?!?! Like, as soon as I heard his name, I looked at my dad and he looked all amazed. Even I knew who Bob Probert is!! They talked about him on RDS the other day, and he was on Off […]



Really random quick post! I changed the layout and just realized what the color scheme is similar to. *winkwink*I absolutely love it!! I’m goin’ to an NHL old-timers game tonight with the fam’. Should be fun..Never been to one before!! Tehah. Next week Ima goin’ to the OTT baby, yeah! It’s 10 degrees celcius right […]

Happy Day!


Hey guess what! Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the schools were closed because the highways were closed because of snow and cold weather! It’s nice to have you back Spring!! Yeah, it’s really f’ed up..The weather, that is. I mean, this morning there was a freking huge blizzard, and now it’s raining.Yeah.Ever […]



Very original title, isn’t it? Yes, that’s right. I’m back home after a four day trip to Ottawa. I had soooooooo much fun with Gisele. We saw 3 movies at Silver City: The Number 23, 300(best movie evuuur) and Pan’s Labyrinth. All the movies were great, but 300 was hands down the BESTEST. Now, everytime […]

Like, omagawd. I’m leaving at 4pm to go to Ottawa. I’ll be travelling by Scare-skin airlines and it’s technically my first time on a plane. I mean, I went on one when I was 1 or something but that doesn’t count!! So I’ll be travelling alone..First, I land in Timmins, go through security and go […]