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I just had an epiphany.An idea for a drawing I will create in the near future. It will be great. It will be beautiful. I may cry while drawing it. I will have to listen to slow and lovey songs to get me in the mood portraied in the picture.I’m very excited about this.I better […]



“He should win the Conn Smythe. The way he played and the amount of shots he faced, it was like three series for most goalies. We live and die by him and didn’t do enough to help him. You lose on the road and your goalie’s the best player on the ice and still losing […]



I played Hockey in gym class with a few guys today. Later on, when we started just taking shots on net, I volunteered to be goalie.So there I am, prancing towards the net chanting “Yay!! I’m gonna be Kipper!”, oblivious to what was about to happen…I wasn’t afraid to get in front of the puck, […]



EDIT!!: BREAKING NEWS! My name apperantly has multiple origins, but which one is true? See for yourself…Exhibit AExhibit BThree different sites, 4 different origins.Oh, I also copied this from the 3rd site… Feminine form of the Greek Alexios. Alexia is also the technical term for ‘word blindness’, a neurological disorder caused by a brain lesion […]

Eternal Flame*


*Even if the title is cheesy, my intentions are good. I swear. Calgary got eliminated Sunday, and I’m incredibly sad. My two favourite teams are out of the playoffs!! When dad told me that they lost, I sat in the stairs, and wanted to bawl. HOW COULD THEY LOOOOSE.…Poor Kipper. He’s so awesome, and fun […]



After months of waiting, the moment has fianly arrived.It’s time to dance. That’s right, I’m working at a 6th, 7th, 8th grader dance tonight with Z and the rest of the crew. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting this for AGES. I finally get to be all hyper and dance around!!! YAY!!Gawd, I simply cannot […]

Rant away, love


Yes folks, this is my 2nd post of the day.*claps* I just thought I’d drop by and tell ya’ll how much I can’t stand preppy girls.Okay, let me specify.You know, those girls that post Abercomie, Hollister, Victoria’s Secret crap ALL THE FREKING OVER? Well, I decided to drob by Neopets to see wth was going […]