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Check this out: CLICK! Holy seizure, batman. My eyes are fried. Are yours?LMAO Hover over the pictures at the top of that page! It tells you what they are. Do they think we’re blind or something?? WELL, maybe they should’ve made it so that a sound clip, telling you what image you’re hovering over, plays […]



WTFH?!…That’s really just WTF. I have nothing else to say other than WTF. Jesus son of Joseph husband of Mary mother of God. I’m utterly speechless. WTF? How old are they now, anyway?? EUH. *shudder*LIKE HOLY CRAP LOOK AT GINGER SPICE!! She looks..too…normal D: She looks like a regular female adult! And, well, Posh […]

What the…?


I don’t know how or when I fell asleep last night, I just did, and when I woke up this morning, I was totally disoriented. I was like, WHAT TIME IS IT?? WHERE AM I??…Is the storm over? After I posted, at about 2:40am, I went upstairs, crawled into my bed, and listened to my […]



Congratulations, Mother Nature, you’ve succesfully kept me from having a decent night’s sleep. You’re having quite the disco bowling party, aintcha? Mhhmm. Very nice. Very nice. Iced Cap before bed + constant lightning + thunder that shakes the house = sleepless night. I’m officially wired. Yep. Awake and ready to run a marathon.Shut up I […]

Raise the roof


I love the St-Jean. Point. It’s just awesome. Seriously, dancing with a few other people your age in the middle of an empty dance floor is the shit. OH! And claping your hands to the beat of music is fun, too. ‘Cept I couldn’t feel my hands after… D: I realized yesterday that I’d be […]



Yesterday was awesome! I LOVE the band Kaïn now. Seriously, they’re amazing. Freggin’ awesome concert, if you ask me. Exept…for the drunk people LAWL. Yeah, that was a little moment ruining, but whatevs. I still had a blast. Oh, and selling stuff to people is cool, yet not so much sticking tatoos on them P: […]



GOD DANG I CAN’T WATCH THE NHL ENTRY DRAFTS BECAUSE OF THE ST-JEAN.askjfhkashgksahgdksajgdhksjahdgshaghsadhgskahgdksaghd I’M SO SAD :'( I was really looking forward to it…