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Yeah! Three posts in three days :’D Well…this post is actually quite pointless… but hayyyy! It’s still a post, riiiiiiiiiiiite?? Riiiiiiiiiiite! New layout UP! It’s so…much softer than all the others. P: AWGAWD THE LYRICS. The lyrics on the image are from the song ‘Coast Is Clear’ by In Flight Safety. Flippin sweet song, mang. […]

Bad Boys


Mmhhmm!! … Right? I was reading articles about possible reasons why so many women are attracted to “Bad Boys. -silence-YEAH YEAH I HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO. KAY? KAY. Anyway. As I was saying… Bad Boys. What is it about Bad Boy’s that make women so attracted to them? Weeeeeell…I have no g-d clue. But, […]

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I haven’t poted since July 10th :D Ooops. Anyway amagad guess what.   I went to the Lumberjack Festival this weekend. Twice. AND GOT A MASSIVE SUNBURN HIGFIVE FOR USING SUNSCREEN! I tanned a bit, too though :D I know. Wow. OH OH I saw BMX guys at the Lumbercrack :’D They were… so cool. And one […]



OH GOD PLEASE NO. PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! MAKE IT STOP D: B..Barn..B..Barney!! SAVE ME FROM BARNEY. Wh..what?! How does Claire know the names of the characters on! CLAIRE. DO THEY VISIT YOU IN YOUR DREAMS?!?! DO THEY HAVE KNIVES?!?! ALL THEY COVERED IN BLOOD?!?!;0; S.O.S. Teletoon. The show is ancient. CANCEL IT […]

I GOT RAGNAROK ONLINE AND WE ORDERED MY HALK JERSEYYYYY!!!…:D The girl with the blond hair is my character, Lemonie. She’s a merchant right now, but SHE WILL BE AN ALCHEMIST ONE DAY BWAHAHAHAH.Oh, the other girl is my friend’s character. She’s a Priest. :O Aren’t they pretty? I’ll post more screenies later..I have to […]



*comes in real slow so that no one notices how long it’s been since the last post* Um. Hi! OMG KASJFKKDHglsadhgsajdhglhasg. ROMAN HAMRLIK. Is with the Habs :’D It’s a beautiful thing, really. The guy’s SOLID. I love it. Plus, he played for Calgary, my second favorite team. How awesome is that??!?! Oh, we got […]



I was on Facebook, checking out the topics in the Canadiens de Montreal Fans group, when I stumbled upon a “poll” asking us if we think Carey Price will contend for a spot with the Habs this season. This is what I wrote: No — Believe me, I CAN’T WAIT for this kid to come […]