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i miss you?


I had a crazy dream last night. So crazy, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. It probably won’t make much sense written out, but then again, most dreams don’t. AND IF YOU LAUGH AT ME I’ll kick you. I realize how nuts this is gunna sound…ok? It starts out by me walking into a […]



So The Hockey News predicts that Aneheim will win the cup again this year. HAHAHAHAHA! No. This is coming from the same people who thought Carolina would do great last season. >.>; Ha. They also rated the Habs as a D+ DEE FN PLUS. I know my team isn’t that good, BUT GEEZ. That still […]



I. Love. This. Layout. Gears of War, all the way :’D Easily one of my fav layouts so far. I even pimped out the side-bar. “Gosh, Alex. You really outdid yourself!”I know. I’m great. p.s. I love how it seems that Carmine’s looking right up at us. :O Oh, and how it sorta looks like […]

THIS IS AN INSULT TO CARMINE FANS EVERYWHERE. EPIC, I ARE COMING FOR YOUUUU. How dare you use Kim’s face as a model for Carmine’s ?!?! And a mustache, too?!?! MARYMOTHEROFGOD. He deserves his own, adorable head. He took one for the team, DAMMIT. I…I…I’m insulted. EPIC, joo made me sad inside. I feel like […]

So much love


School’s in!! I have an awesome first semester, which means the next one will BLOWWW. Hahahah. 1)History2)Art3)Lunch4)Some demi-cours5)Science …Yeah it’s great!! But next semester… 1)French2)Math3)Lunch 4)Alimentation & Nutrition (Popotte)5)English DUN DUN DUNNNN. Exams will be HELL. Math and English….Together?!?! NOOOOOOO. Worst thing is, this semester, Izy and I don’t have lunch at the same time. […]



I feel like a hero,and you’re my heroine.-Hero/Heroine, Boys Like Girls So like, team Canada totally beat team Russia today. It was game 1 of a…4…or whatever game series. Holy 1972 flashback, batman. Only difference is that this time it’s juniors ;D Ohh yeahh. When Turris(♥) scored his penalty shot goal~ Siiigh. I was like […]

Float Away


Let’s sail awayFind our own countryWe’ll build a houseAnd get tired of palm treesLet’s get awayLet’s push our lives aside I’ll sport a smileTake in some colorUnder the starsI’ll be your loverWith no distractionsI’m gonna treat you right And it seems like things are only getting betterWell it seems like we can never catch a […]