Layout change. Bye bye Halak :(

I went to the arena with Iz and Van yesterday after school (1:15), and guess who was there. I nearly cardiac arrested. Seriously, it’s getting creepy. Each time I’m at the arena, BAM. He’s there. I mean, geez. I must look like I’m stalking him or somethin… DUUUDE. Not cool. It’s just a bunch of coincidences one after another!…Huff. I dun get it.
Sooo, we ended up just sitting in the stands, watching the 3 flyer dudes “practice”. (We had nothing else to do, okay!) Hahahah…I could just picture the look on my face when he jumped on the ice (in full equipment hehe).
Hahaha. God. I can’t beleive we see him everywhere. Creeeeeeeeeepy.

Anyway, speaking of hockey, I’m playing tonight. All I need is a helmet (and pehaps a mouth guard…?) and I’m ready to go! Hehe, I can’t wait!! If anyone wants to see something funny, come watch me play hockey ;P Well, at least I can skate, right?

Oh snap. I still haven’t gotten a skirt for my Halloween costume yet. Gee. Anytime now, Alex. Only 1 week left there kay. Well, where the heck could I buy a school-girl skirt in Kap anyway??? Unless…Nah. If I ask G-Ma to make me one she’ll probably cut it off at the ankles. Mhhm. That’s pretty. I’d die of heat-stroke on the dance-floor.
“What are you supposed to be, a nun? LOLOLOlolOLXahgfsdggh”
-betch slap-

Soooooo yeaaaahhh. That’s that. I guess I’ll go wait for maja/faja so that they can buy me some Rotten Ronnie’s. YUM FAST FUD.


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