imma betchslap the dumb outta you


You know what sucks? Not being able to have a g-d formal because we won’t be able to have a Halloween dance. That’s right, if we don’t sell enough tickets for the Halloween dance, it’s cancelled. The life of the Formal depends on the Halloween dance!!! GAHHHH.
Let’s say we do have the Halloween dance…if anyone shows up drunk, there’s no formal AHHHD akhfslwjehtyp835pyhgsdlhbs’fhwufjsahf
GOSHDARNIT. How hard is it to NOT plaster yourself before a dance?!?!#/Q3// huh!>>@#!?! stoopid booze ur not nicee!!#.EADGKLH

aNYWAY. (oops anger caplock)
Anyway. Ever notice that evertime you go on YouTube, the “videos being watched right now” are always of some half naked chick? It’s like, “Hmmm. Veeery interestiiing. Oh, and don’t even dare go to “most viewed today”. It’s all stuff like “ridiculously hot asian girl dancing”, or, “gurlz kissing!1!1!!!, or even…ew. Just plain nasty stuff. I mean heeeeeeeeello. QUIT POLLUTING THE AIRWAVES (internet waves?)

Well, I guess I’ll be going now. I have things to do, people to see…
(not really)

p.s. Heyyy, Koivu. Sundin’s got 14 points there, eh. You’ve got…what? 6? C’monnnnn Saku! Stepitup a notch, El Capitano! Joo can do it!!


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