Alright, alright, alright. Wanna see the cutest hockey player ever?? I’ll show you even if you say no!!\

DAMMIT. How hard is it to find a decent picture of this guy?? You’d think all the puck bunnies would be like “omgz luk it dis picshurr of taylor pyatt omggggg i got lyk 20 of them eeeeeee!11!!!” Where are they stashing his pictures???

Oh. God. That didn’t come out well. Let me rephrase… Where are all the hockey related pictures of Taylor Pyatt??


I told you!! He’s really gorgeous. Plus, he’s got 2 brothers who’re cute like him :D Great genes, Mama & Papa Pyatt!

/end puck bunny moment


[creepy violin horror-movie music] ZING ZING ZIIING! Dun dun dunnnnn!!

/really end puck bunny moment

6-1 for Montreal last night baby! Fourteen different guys had at least 1 point for the Habs. How gnarly is that?? And Huet got 1st star :D Yayyyyy Cristobal!
Dude. Smolinsky totally played his 1000th game, and with Kovalev hitting the big quadruple digits on Friday, we’ll have 3 official old bags on the team! Hamrlik, Smolinsky, Kovalev!! Okay. They’re not that old. Just…experienced. CONGRATS GUYS!

The Halloween dance actually fell through!
Next step: SHOWING UP TO THE DANCE SOBER. Easy for me, but pracically impossible for others! Will there be a formal after all?? Tune in saturday for the exciting results!


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