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I’m sitting here in my PJs and I have nothing to do until supper time. I think I’ll post some really fun surveys!! :D Girl Confessions 1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Aww~ yes! 2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Short party dress 3. What would […]



BLOG CURRENTLY IN REPAIR MODE — DON’T MIND THE MESS <3 edit:Yay. New layout up! It only took me all morning to get it right! No big deal!~~:|I hated working on it. T’was too complicated. But it was worth it, I guess…CHECK IT OUT — when you hover over the text, it becomes darker :o […]



YAYYYYYYY!!! I won’t be posting much during the next few days ’cause the family’s in town and IT’S CHRISTMAS!! Happy holiday’s e’ryone :)



I whitnessed a miracle today.Way to say “Merry Christmas”, ya’ll! Ohhhh my godgodgod. CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW!! …Hmmm. Only thing is… I have to wait 2 weeks before seeing you-know-who again. He played today for 1 period and a half (other goalie got injured :o) and we saw each other then…butbut. Now…Sigh. Christmas is soon. That’ll […]

Tomorrow I’m going to the Flyers game. Alain Goulet is gonna be there to sign autographs and to watch how bad his old team is ;) (It would be nice to bring Cheechoo back, too, EH??) Van and I will sit behind the net (as usual) and cheer on the boys as they attempt to […]


20Dec07 I new-and-improved my hockey blog. Finally. And I’ll be making an effort to post more often :) Yay me.

timebomb tickin


Don’t wanna waste no more timeTime’s what we don’t have-Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies, Biffy Clyro WOOOO NO SCHOOL TOMORROW~~!!! And the day after that NOTHING GOOD’S GOING ON!!! BUT FRIDAY’LL BE FUN CAUSE MME CARON SAID WE’RE HAVING A FUN HOLIDAY DAY IN ART CLASS :)YAY!…Too bad I’m really nervous about hockey […]