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Day in short; – Learned scary things about black holes for french class (and learned 1 thing about Izy’s subjet, Lupus; it’s an auto-immune disease)– Bored myself to death doing equations in math– Ate pizza, pocorn, Caramilk, Skittles, tire-sur-la-neige, played Wii Bowling & other games & made some mad (carnival) cash– Played road hockey with […]

Back from a weekend that was supposed to be wonderful~ but wasn’t quite as I had expected (not in a bad way..). I’M NOT COMPLAINING, I’M HAPPY! I swear! It was awesome, it’s just that… Anyway. Saturday was special. Flyers got their asses handed to them by Suds in their official last game of the […]

A good scare


So I totally died in English class today. While “working” with my seminar group, I asked Jamie if he thought the Ryder for Tanguay trade was a good idea. He was like “lol” and I was like, “wut?” and he was like, “apparently hossa is coming to montreal.” and then I was like “lol. yeah […]

I wrote a poem ya’ll! …I know rite! wtf did I eat to make me want to do that? Anyway. It’s actually quite cute.So read it. Must’ve been the way You snatched my heartLike candy from a babyAs I fell into those eyes Lost in those eyes…those… And I’d walkThrough winter’s coldest stormIf I knew […]

Lost and found


Check out this post…, right? :D I’m going to Timmins tomorrow for Sam’s hockey tourney :D I LOVE HOCKEY TOURNAMENTS YAY:’D

No Air


Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air If I Should die Before I wakeIt’s causeYou took My breath AwayLosing you is like living in a world With no air I’m here AloneDidn’t want To leaveMy heart won’t moveIt’s incompleteWish thereWas a wayThat I can get you to understand But howDo you expect […]

Access denied


This shirt is hilarious (if you’re not a major hardcore N-E fan..) AHAHAHAHA. I wasn’t even cheering for NY, though :D PATS ALL THE WAY TOO BAD THEY LOST. Awww. We totally went skiing in gym class today. At the golf course. HOW HARDCORE! Hahaha. No. Van, Donald and I were finished 398259823 hours before […]