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It’s manditory that I show you guys the following photos. They’re from an editorial in some fashion magazine I can’t quite remember the name of. and they’re freaking RAD. They look like really natural and are wayyyyy adorable. And yes. The male model in the first pic looks like the the secret lovechild of Gemma […]

chapter 350


Montreal officially has the most BITCHIN goaltenders in all of the NHL. Seriously. Look at Halak’s new mask; hot. Carey Price’s new Velocity pads; also hot. They’re just…owners of the goalie duo world, man. Van and Mel are doing their driving liscence test right now. … … I FEEL SO YOUNG :'(

cream eggs


I did the TPCL (text provincial des competences linguistiques) today, folks. It was easy, but long enough to put even me to sleep. Really. I was done the first part of the test and there was still 20 minutes left until the 15 minute break. We couldn’t talk, we couldn’t get up, we couldn’t draw, […]

i am a warrior


SO for my birthday… (which is in a big bunch of days) I figured I want a niiiice new hockey stick soon. A good one. A Warrior one. THIS one: Ahhhh it’s gorgeous to the eyeballs. Anyway; it’s called the Kronik. Ouuhh. Sounds intense. Well that’s cause it is. Look at the blade.¬†Seriously.¬† What the […]

Last post..was march 7th. Eleven days ago.…Yeah. Sorry about that. I tend to not post much during looong school-less periods of time. ie: March Break. I guess I find I have more stuff to blahhb about after school. Which makes sense, I mean it’s not like I do anything exciting while on vacation. Seriously, I’m […]

EDIT Say hello to my mp3 thingy (it’s at the bottom of the page). Pick a song, any song. You know you waaant to~ YEAH BABY.I love songs with really deep, adorable lyrics :D it helps when the song itself is good, too. Such is the case with Two Become One by Atreyu.Duuuude. What a […]



I’m back from the Franco Girls Hockey Tourney! But uh… yeah I think I might have died last night from over-exhaustion at the hotel and I’m actually a ghost now (or a zombayy). Seriously dude I’m burned out. And every muscle in my body is aching (my grooooooiiinsss). Monday we played 3 freaking games. One […]