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I’m so tired and sore… It’s unbearable. Ughhhhhhh. Crappy, crappy, crappy…   Halak’s starting tonight.  To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it.  I was sure Carbs would send in Price.    But, whatever: maybe it’s to give him a rest?  I’m glad for Halak, though, duh.  Go Jaro.  Show ’em whatchu got. Advertisements



First of all: The most beautiful of his two saves of the night (kept his team in the game :D)!  I love how the crowd is like “WHFKJSGKJHSHFA WOO GOAL!” and then they all go “Awwww, crap.  Denied.”     Secondly, HAHAHAHA @ ME FOR BEING SO RAQUÉ (sore) AFTER LAST NIGHT’S PRACTICE.  I woke […]



Oh, hai. Alexia’s not in right now.  She’s too busy hating on Philly.  She’s also contemplating whether or not to run over to the “City of Brotherly Love (psh, yeah.  right)” to smack the ref/linesman who called the g-d too many men against the Habs in the third.  Oh, and at the same time, she […]

Feel the burn


I had a soccer practice after school today (YES!  ME!  SOCCER!), from 3:15 to 5:00.  We started off by doing 3 laps around the track outside.  And, huh, yes.  It’s quite cold out.  It was even snowing.  But anyway, after that we stretched and then did 4 laps of lunges.  That stuff is craaaazy.  BUT, it works […]

All is numb


So, I got a frisbee drilled at my calf muscle today.  This guy by the nickname of Bean sent the disc of doom flying my way in attempt to knock over the quille (having a english-word-blank, sorry) which I was protecting.  Well, I saved the bloody thing, and I’ve got the wound to prove it.  […]



My gym class is pants. If one more girl bitches/complains/acts like a 5 year old, I’ll chuck a frisbee at her head.  I swear to god.  THEY WON’T SHUTUP.    brb gotta go to the dentist. [4:46pm] Back So, they moved one of the brackets for my braces and I have no effing clue, looking in the […]

You’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Niki! I came home for lunch with Van and Iz today ’cause the Canada/Russia World Campionship game was still on.  I bolted into the den and smacked on the tellie.  And died.  Canada was handing a whoopin’ to their opponent; 7-0 the score.  Van and I both […]