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Learning curve


RE: “Anonymous” If we’re talking patterns/curves, I’d have to ask someone like my da’ to help me figure out which one is best for me, el defenseman extraordinaire.  I don’t rip many slapshots yet (work in progress), so I rely more on powerful wristers and snaps.  So, yeah.  I’d like to talk this one over.  […]

Oh, hai winter


I hate living here so much right now. My effing soccer tourney got put back AGAIN.  ‘Cause it’s freaking SNOWING.  WTFH????? jsahkjsdhgjhsgshjdgjdshg Plus I have like 9387594827 things due at school for the next week or so :|  ouch.



Detroit won tonight (owned bwahahaha) but I didn’t get to watch :(  So, that was a bummer. I did have fun at my friend’s b-day party, though.  And I got a massive sunburn this afternoon…but I don’t care ’cause it was warm and sunny for the first time in like ever.  Ugh, I’m beat.  We went […]

Kyle Alzner signed with the Capitals!!  This is seriously way rad.  I can’t wait to see him play NHL level :D  Eeee.  Alzner and freaking Green on the blue line… holy crap, watch out.   I really feel like bitching about the preps in my gym class right now :|  but I won’t.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.  I really do […]

Seize sucré


I’ve been stalking for a while now.  IDK maybe I’m lonely for some Habs? Anyway, I found my fill of the day: Baby K by numbers mehhehehe ♥ I especially love this: .683 – Canadiens’ winning percentage following Kostitsyn’s call-up from Hamilton on Dec. 13, with the Habs closing out the season with a […]



[edit] LMAO Ohhh god. Mom just told me the funniest thing. Sam (the brother) went for a jog with his friend Taylor. he put on the axe, got all manly and then walked out the door.  Ohhh, such a manly-man. A few minutes later he bolts throught the front door, scared shitless, “OMIGOD THERES A BIG […]

yeah so I thought I’d make a new layout featuring Detroit (hankhankhankhank) ’cause like they’re all Western Conference champs now (and stanley cuppers in a couple of weeks nghhhhehe). oh, and btw, (p.s. this has nothing to do with the wings) I’m thinking about getting my hair dyed red. Not red like fire-truck red. More […]