Burn so bright


I changed the layout ’cause I felt like getting some bright colours up in here.
And a scratchy background is always suh-weeeet.

Oh, and I’ll prolly change the lyircs in the header a billion times a week.  ‘Cause you know, I have a hard time settling with just one amazing song :O


3 Responses to “Burn so bright”

  1. 1 manon

    that’s a lot of teenage angst!! what does it all mean?

  2. 2 Alexia

    It’s complicated :x
    and I don’t really think it’s good to post it on my blog… it’s something I’d rather talk about in person. You never know who could be reading…

    But I’ve not gone emo or anything :P I’m okay/

  3. 3 manon

    you know you can call me if ever you want to talk….

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