I literally feel as if I’m on an emotional roller-coaster ride.  I’ve never felt this way before.  NEVARR.   It’s surreal…it’s mind-boggling…
This is…

Lemme explain,
One day I’m beyond otimistic/hopeful/happy/on cloud nine for [undisclosed] reasons and then BA-AAAAMMM!  Completely crushed and hopeless the next day because of ONE tiny [undisclosed] reason that I have NO friken REASON to be worrying about in the FIRST damn PLACE!
(DON’T mind THE RANDOM words PUT in CAPS for NO apperant EMPHASIS!)

Have I ever mentioned that I have this certainty inside me that tells me I’d die if ever I went on a roller coaster that twirls and flips upside-down?  I truly believe, dunno why though, that I WILL DIE IF EVER I RIDE A HUGE COASTER.
I know it’s pretty wtf.  But I’m positive my heart couldn’t take it.
And “bee tee double-u”, this isn’t some metaphor based on my current roller-coaster of a life.  Na-non, I’m just saying, roller coasters would prolly kill me :/
Random but true.
I mean, REALLY, dad said I looked dead when I went on like one of the wooden rides at canada’s wonderland.   D:  and those badboys don’t even do flippy’s and stuff.

WOW OKAY.  All this to say that yeah I’m feealing really weird lately.  And I’ve realized that I over-analyze situations and shit WA-AYYY too much.

:) hey this is like my longest post in friken a helluva long time!


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