Cover up the magazines


I’ve been listening to 90s rock ALOT lately. 

Hey, so the style then was ewwiie but at least the music was good.

Wellll, since the baby is watching Spongebob I might as well post my fav songs of the era in which I was born :D

(in no particular order)

Everybody Hurts — REM
Losing My Religion — REM
American Psycho — Treble Charger
I Will Buy You A New Life — Everclear (<3)
Karma Police – Radiohead
Creep — Radiohead
One Headlight — The Wallflowers
The Way — Fastball
Swallowed, Glycerine, Come Down, The Chemicals Between Us, Machine Head — Bush
Wonderwall — Oasis
Black Hole Sun — Soundgarden
Even Flow — Pearl Jam
Everything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (SCAR TISSUE<33) <3
Everlong, Learn To Fly, My Hero — Foo Fighters
Song 2 — Blur
Vasoline — Stone Temple Pilots
Heart Shaped Box, Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom — Nirvana
All The Small Things — blink182
Iris — The Goo Goo Dolls (classic! hahaha)
Say It Ain’t So — Weezer
Some Greenday…
Enter Sandman — Metallica
Never Let You Go, Jumper, Deep Inside Of You — Third Eye Blind
Closing Time — Semisonic



3 Responses to “Cover up the magazines”

  1. 1 manon

    jeez, it’s about time you like good music!!! j.k.

    how are things?
    i’ll be in kap in 2 days. hope i don’t FORGET anything…

  2. 2 pucklove


    things are GREAT!! what about you manon??

    … my pillow :(

  3. 3 manon

    your pillow? i’m afraid it’s disappeared. i came home from work a couple of weeks ago and found the front door unlocked. the only thing missing in the house was your pillow. weird! i didn’t want to tell you until i got to kap. sorry honey…

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