OH MAN.  I love the feeling of new music<3 
Ladies and Gents, meet Safetysuit
Not as hard as the usual stuff I listen to, but I don’t care because these guys KICKASS. 

On another note; I’m getting really anxious to go to Quebec :D  It’s gonna be soooo stellllllarrrrr (haha stellar–what a passé word).  FO REAL THOUGH PEEPS THIS WILL BE GREAT.  I’m bringing lots of sketchbooks along so that I can do some figure….figure…..ARGH I don’t remember the term pro artists use…oh…OH.  OH YEAH, figure studies :P  Hahaha holy TOT much?
But anyway.  Along with FIGURE STUDIES, I’ll be sketching various buildings I see and crap like that.  Because architecture and I aren’t on the friendliest terms as we speak.   :)
Annnd I think I should work on my book a lil bit eh eheheheh.  OTL  I wrote one scene from it the other day and then…nothing.  So I munna force myself to get a good chunk of it figured out B)  Go me.

Best book I’ve read in a HELLUVA long time.  I read it in less than a day.  Stayed up ’til 5am reading, too.  YA RLY.  It’s that good. 
I can’t wait for the movie + reading the other books in the series :’D


7 Responses to “Safetyfirst”

  1. 1 Medicale

    ZOMG! TWILIGHT! KASLA:SK:DJ;HAAÖAÄA:! I just started reading it today and I have read half of the book already. :O GOT TO FINISH IT TODAAAAAAAAAAY!

    Also, Quebec. Pictures, plz.

  2. 2 Alexia

    EEE!!! JKSHGKJHASG YAYY! IT’S SO GREAT!! Yes, you MUST finish it :D And then you’ll have to buy the rest of the series!! OMG I NEED TO DO THAT TOO :O

    Totally! I’m gonna take 375624 pics and post em here >:D All I need to do is get camera now…eheheh…my other one broke :( *PHAIL*

  3. 3 Medicale

    I SO FINISHED IT YESTERDAY! ASJkajksjaksjakshajs! Zomg, I want to rape Edward right here right now. :Q__ I just bought the second book and am about to start reading it. EEEEE! Yes! Buybuybuybuybuybuy!

    Hoooray! But also boo that you camera broke. :(

  4. 4 Alexia

    WOOO!! isn’t Edward THE BEST?? Mnomnomnomnoms ;3; And I so need to buy the book…they don’t sell in in my town though, so I may have to wait ’til I get to Ottawa and/or Montreal/Quebec D: TOO LONG A WAIT, imo. Is it good so far?!

    It’s okay though now! I’m getting a new one before we leave >8D So be prepared for lostolotso picshurrs!!

  5. 5 Medicale

    HE IS! Although started to like someone else also in New Moon. :D Ugh, that sucks. I have to wait until October for Eclipse because they are slow at translating books. And Breaking Dawn will probably take 8392839 years. D: I finished reading it and it was goooood. But I think the first book was a tiny bit better but still I wasn’t dissapointed.


  6. 6 manon

    a NEW blog would be great…

  7. 7 optimisticlaugh

    um hi i dont know if you know me but im your best friend…
    i was kinda hoping you would put a new post
    prettyprettypretty plz with a cherry on top???
    LOVE YOU 2

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