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OH MAN.  I love the feeling of new music<3  Ladies and Gents, meet Safetysuit.  Not as hard as the usual stuff I listen to, but I don’t care because these guys KICKASS.  On another note; I’m getting really anxious to go to Quebec :D  It’s gonna be soooo stellllllarrrrr (haha stellar–what a passé word).  FO REAL […]



Nabokov recorded his second shutout in a row to beat Finland 4-0 and Mike Green scored the game winner in the Canada-Sweden game.  Russia and Canada in the gold metal game, baby!   Mehhh… I’m sore.  My sunburn is really killing me.  And I’m sad because hockey season is over and exams are soon and […]

Last post..was march 7th. Eleven days ago.…Yeah. Sorry about that. I tend to not post much during looong school-less periods of time. ie: March Break. I guess I find I have more stuff to blahhb about after school. Which makes sense, I mean it’s not like I do anything exciting while on vacation. Seriously, I’m […]