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[edit] LMAO Ohhh god. Mom just told me the funniest thing. Sam (the brother) went for a jog with his friend Taylor. he put on the axe, got all manly and then walked out the door.  Ohhh, such a manly-man. A few minutes later he bolts throught the front door, scared shitless, “OMIGOD THERES A BIG […]

chapter 350


Montreal officially has the most BITCHIN goaltenders in all of the NHL. Seriously. Look at Halak’s new mask; hot. Carey Price’s new Velocity pads; also hot. They’re just…owners of the goalie duo world, man. Van and Mel are doing their driving liscence test right now. … … I FEEL SO YOUNG :'(



Five days ’til the end of the semester dun dun dunnn. I can wait. School is going by too fast. It’s pissing me right off. I mean, it’s bad enough I only have one course with guy I like, now I won’t have any because HALF A FREAKING YEAR OF SCHOOL IS ALREADY OVAH. HUFF. […]



My friends was hit by a car today. Twice, actually. I don’t even know if he’s seriously injured or not. :(



Goin to a sleep-over at my friend’s house. Should be awesome. Might stay up very late. Prolly gonna talk ’til we drop. And then we’re going to a Grounder’s game on friday.:) Wooohooo vacations.