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Burn so bright


I changed the layout ’cause I felt like getting some bright colours up in here. :) And a scratchy background is always suh-weeeet. Oh, and I’ll prolly change the lyircs in the header a billion times a week.  ‘Cause you know, I have a hard time settling with just one amazing song :O Advertisements

<3 Angsty post = GONE Not worth bothering over, I think P:

Oh, hai winter


I hate living here so much right now. My effing soccer tourney got put back AGAIN.  ‘Cause it’s freaking SNOWING.  WTFH????? jsahkjsdhgjhsgshjdgjdshg Plus I have like 9387594827 things due at school for the next week or so :|  ouch.

Seize sucré


I’ve been stalking for a while now.  IDK maybe I’m lonely for some Habs? Anyway, I found my fill of the day: Baby K by numbers mehhehehe ♥ I especially love this: .683 – Canadiens’ winning percentage following Kostitsyn’s call-up from Hamilton on Dec. 13, with the Habs closing out the season with a […]

Wake-up: D: (ew, it’s snowing) Breakfast: ;______; (nuuuu, soccer tourney cancelled..gotta go to school) French: ^____^ (not bad)…then… @___@ (nuuu, soft-ball practice cancelled) Math: ._______. (wtfzorg CREEPY-ASS EQUATIONS EWW) Gym: -_______-; (not impressed with pickleball at all) Lunch: :Q____ (YAMMMYY, Izy’s g-ma fed us very well) English: u____u (relaxing..if not a bit long) Dentist: x___x […]

LOL @ Lapierre and Renaud Lavoie on the TV in the background!  Man, did I ever laugh when I saw that.  My parents took this pic at my great-grandma’s place, which means I’m probably laying right in front of the TV.  Buuuut, lil sista Claire is, yet again, hoging up the camera space.  Er, not […]



I’m so tired and sore… It’s unbearable. Ughhhhhhh. Crappy, crappy, crappy…   Halak’s starting tonight.  To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it.  I was sure Carbs would send in Price.    But, whatever: maybe it’s to give him a rest?  I’m glad for Halak, though, duh.  Go Jaro.  Show ’em whatchu got.