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Star crossed lovers They say we’re not meant to be ‘Cause the stars in the sky, and the fashion that they are aligned. I say if the futures been drawn out there’s no point in living. I wont give up my love so that fate can have its way. If the stars say that you […]



HOKAY YA’LL.I’m watching Mayerthorpe right now, and I must say, that boy playing the character of Brian (or Bryan? from the flashbacks) is wayyyyy cute. Too bad that creepy dude is like stalking him or whatever. I hope he doesn’t get killed :O!Yeah. Eerie show. Especially considering that it’s based on actual events. :(….…..It’s really […]

Remember >this< post? Well, I’m having that “i miss you” feeling again. Only this time it’s not because of a dream. Apparently the guy I like is going back to his hometown after the last game of the season (Feb 9th). That sucks. Yeah. But there’s a possibility that he might stay… It’s still up […]