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[edit] LMAO Ohhh god. Mom just told me the funniest thing. Sam (the brother) went for a jog with his friend Taylor. he put on the axe, got all manly and then walked out the door.  Ohhh, such a manly-man. A few minutes later he bolts throught the front door, scared shitless, “OMIGOD THERES A BIG […]

LOL @ Lapierre and Renaud Lavoie on the TV in the background!  Man, did I ever laugh when I saw that.  My parents took this pic at my great-grandma’s place, which means I’m probably laying right in front of the TV.  Buuuut, lil sista Claire is, yet again, hoging up the camera space.  Er, not […]



It’s manditory that I show you guys the following photos. They’re from an editorial in some fashion magazine I can’t quite remember the name of. and they’re freaking RAD. They look like really natural and are wayyyyy adorable. And yes. The male model in the first pic looks like the the secret lovechild of Gemma […]



I found out who that kid from Mayerthorpe is, ya’ll. His name is Landon Liboiron. Yeah, Landon. (Eh, Van??) … Van and I have an inside joke with that name…because of one of the goalies from Sudbury. We were buggin him and..anyway. Long story. As I was saying, the kid is my age, and is […]