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THERE WILL BE A…A GAME 7. … Folks, I admit.  I do not enjoy typing during harsh times.  Stresses me out, you know.  And forces me to go back to a time I’d rather not relive.  It was a roller-coaster of a game.  Every time we’d be up, Boston would score.  Up and down, back and […]



f off. FCKING HABS SENT HALAK BACK DOWN TO HAMILTON. AND BROUGHT UP PRICE. :( Of course they had to bring Price up now. Not before I went to Hamilton. After. They bring Halak up before I go, and send him back when I’m not there. I never got to watch my favorite player play […]

I put Claire to bed tonight, and when she asked me to sing her “Mary had a little lamb”, I forgot the lyrics. I remember the first part…”mary had a little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb who’s fleece was white as snow.”……Ummm. Yeah. So then I sang a few other songs…and I […]

Remember >this< post? Well, I’m having that “i miss you” feeling again. Only this time it’s not because of a dream. Apparently the guy I like is going back to his hometown after the last game of the season (Feb 9th). That sucks. Yeah. But there’s a possibility that he might stay… It’s still up […]



pissed @ everything and almost everyone including myself right nowbe back latershopefully with a mood swing in the good direction