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Oh, hai winter


I hate living here so much right now. My effing soccer tourney got put back AGAIN.  ‘Cause it’s freaking SNOWING.  WTFH????? jsahkjsdhgjhsgshjdgjdshg Plus I have like 9387594827 things due at school for the next week or so :|  ouch. Advertisements

Highway star


Soccer practice today was… er, fun?  We got to pick out our jersey numbers, and I pounced on 20 as soon as I saw it.  Nabokov, FTW (I was so sad to see them lose in quadruple over-time :( of course, I didn’t watch ’cause it ended at like 2am here).  Then we jogged the track 3 times and a 4th time with […]

Feel the burn


I had a soccer practice after school today (YES!  ME!  SOCCER!), from 3:15 to 5:00.  We started off by doing 3 laps around the track outside.  And, huh, yes.  It’s quite cold out.  It was even snowing.  But anyway, after that we stretched and then did 4 laps of lunges.  That stuff is craaaazy.  BUT, it works […]