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YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! EEEE lkdshgkjhnkjdshgkhsdgkjhsfkjh Detroit won the cup and Zetterberg won the Conn Smythe!! WOOOO!!! I couldn’t fall asleep last night ’cause I was wired from the game. (I wore my Hank shirt today at school and all the pitsburgh fans were like “:(” but everyone else was like “WOO CONN SMYTHE! :D” and I was […] So, I saw this on the Habs site and nearly chucked the laptop out of pure joy when I heard the freaking song playing in the background.  I’LL ATTACK BY 30 SECONDS TO MARS, BABY.  I freaking looooooove that band (and Jared Leto mehehehe).  Plus it was on Halak’s freaking video thingy<333 iii I […]



Detroit won tonight (owned bwahahaha) but I didn’t get to watch :(  So, that was a bummer. I did have fun at my friend’s b-day party, though.  And I got a massive sunburn this afternoon…but I don’t care ’cause it was warm and sunny for the first time in like ever.  Ugh, I’m beat.  We went […]

yeah so I thought I’d make a new layout featuring Detroit (hankhankhankhank) ’cause like they’re all Western Conference champs now (and stanley cuppers in a couple of weeks nghhhhehe). oh, and btw, (p.s. this has nothing to do with the wings) I’m thinking about getting my hair dyed red. Not red like fire-truck red. More […]

So, my computer does this thing where it randomly resets itself while I’m doing something important, ex: Homework, Writing, Drawing, Posting…etc. Last night I was painting that creepy clown I was talking about and then POOF.  The screen went black.  I usually save my work every couple of minutes, but for some reason unkown to mankind, this […]



^That song kicks ass.  Download it.  Oh, and it’s by Black Tide.  Now download it.   Anyway.  I decided that I was kinda cheering for Detroit now that both the Habs and the Sharks are out of the playoffs.  Why?  Two words: Henrik Zetterberg.  He’s awesome.  I wear a t-shirt of him for gym class […]