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I saw the sign


YES THANK YOU Halak signed for 2 years with the Habs :D  I’m so happy, it’s unbelievable<3 I STILL ♥ YOU JAROOOUUU even if I don’t talk about hockey anymore because I have other things on my mind.  Err, and because hockey season is over D: Advertisements

“But he’s still got some game, and that big body and Jennifer Lopez ass make him hard to move off the puck.” -Mike Boone of on Jaromir Jagr LMFAO That had my LOLing out loud.   GEORGES LARAQUE IN MONTREEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLL (AGAIN)<33333333 w00t! Its too bad a bout Swiss Cheese and Low Ryde, though D:  […]



Ohh, wow.  I can’t believe I’m already 3/4 done my exams.  This year went by really fast, man.  I mean, last year it seemed as if the exams would never end.  Ah, well.  It was prolly ’cause I was an exam newb ;) Ahahaha last night… was really something. I had a friken hella-hard time […]

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! EEEE lkdshgkjhnkjdshgkhsdgkjhsfkjh Detroit won the cup and Zetterberg won the Conn Smythe!! WOOOO!!! I couldn’t fall asleep last night ’cause I was wired from the game. (I wore my Hank shirt today at school and all the pitsburgh fans were like “:(” but everyone else was like “WOO CONN SMYTHE! :D” and I was […]

Kyle Alzner signed with the Capitals!!  This is seriously way rad.  I can’t wait to see him play NHL level :D  Eeee.  Alzner and freaking Green on the blue line… holy crap, watch out.   I really feel like bitching about the preps in my gym class right now :|  but I won’t.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.  I really do […]

Whoooooooa.  Great goalie, good looking, AND he can belt out quite the tune.  Where the hell has this guy been all my life (in Sweden)? p.s.  He was drafted by the Habs, yo.   [edit]   OMG WTF.  HAHAHAHHAHAHA.  i love this guy.  What a riot.



YAY FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. I’m sittin’ in the den, patiently waiting for the game to start, when BAM.  Mike Green pops up on my tele.  That made my day :) And, tchyeah.  Talk about a bonus:  Nabby & Greeny in the same game.  2 for 1, baby!   I remember the other day, in Hearst, […]