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I saw the sign


YES THANK YOU Halak signed for 2 years with the Habs :D  I’m so happy, it’s unbelievable<3 I STILL ♥ YOU JAROOOUUU even if I don’t talk about hockey anymore because I have other things on my mind.  Err, and because hockey season is over D: Advertisements So, I saw this on the Habs site and nearly chucked the laptop out of pure joy when I heard the freaking song playing in the background.  I’LL ATTACK BY 30 SECONDS TO MARS, BABY.  I freaking looooooove that band (and Jared Leto mehehehe).  Plus it was on Halak’s freaking video thingy<333 iii I […]



First of all… HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALAK!!!!!!!!  <3 23…how old!  (haha awww, just kidding. )  GO JARO!   Wooo, I had a soft-ball pratice today.  It was fun…VERY fun/hot.  Ehhhh, Van?  Hahaha, pooor Izy.  She missed a whole day of scandal.  Like playing tennis..annnd…well, admiring things.  Or maybe…people.  Lets just say Mr.  Plumber was especially intriguing today.  […]

I really wasn’t going to post anything today until I found this article: “It might be in the Canadiens’ best interests to consider Plan B. That would involve trading Halak and bringing in a veteran goaltender who would be agreeable to combine a mentoring role with an occasional start.” How about… No.  :| Even […]



I’m so tired and sore… It’s unbearable. Ughhhhhhh. Crappy, crappy, crappy…   Halak’s starting tonight.  To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it.  I was sure Carbs would send in Price.    But, whatever: maybe it’s to give him a rest?  I’m glad for Halak, though, duh.  Go Jaro.  Show ’em whatchu got.



First of all: The most beautiful of his two saves of the night (kept his team in the game :D)!  I love how the crowd is like “WHFKJSGKJHSHFA WOO GOAL!” and then they all go “Awwww, crap.  Denied.”     Secondly, HAHAHAHA @ ME FOR BEING SO RAQUÉ (sore) AFTER LAST NIGHT’S PRACTICE.  I woke […]