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I saw the sign


YES THANK YOU Halak signed for 2 years with the Habs :D  I’m so happy, it’s unbelievable<3 I STILL ♥ YOU JAROOOUUU even if I don’t talk about hockey anymore because I have other things on my mind.  Err, and because hockey season is over D: Advertisements So, I saw this on the Habs site and nearly chucked the laptop out of pure joy when I heard the freaking song playing in the background.  I’LL ATTACK BY 30 SECONDS TO MARS, BABY.  I freaking looooooove that band (and Jared Leto mehehehe).  Plus it was on Halak’s freaking video thingy<333 iii I […]

Whoooooooa.  Great goalie, good looking, AND he can belt out quite the tune.  Where the hell has this guy been all my life (in Sweden)? p.s.  He was drafted by the Habs, yo.   [edit]   OMG WTF.  HAHAHAHHAHAHA.  i love this guy.  What a riot.

I really wasn’t going to post anything today until I found this article: “It might be in the Canadiens’ best interests to consider Plan B. That would involve trading Halak and bringing in a veteran goaltender who would be agreeable to combine a mentoring role with an occasional start.” How about… No.  :| Even […]

4 months to go


Well, they had one hell of a season.  And I’m proud of them for that. Habs for LIFE!   Don Cherry…that….ugh.  He didn’t give the Habs ANY credit.  Said they didn’t play well, and that all this would be put on Carey Price.  He even said that putting Halak in net for game 4 didn’t […]

San Jose won last night, which is awesome.  I watched the 3rd period + OT.  My dad said Dallas shoulda won on account of all the disallowed goals, but I was like how about no.  Sharks won.  Dats it dats all.   Alright, so, it’s 3:00 right now, I’m incredibly bored, and there’s still 4 […]

LOL @ Lapierre and Renaud Lavoie on the TV in the background!  Man, did I ever laugh when I saw that.  My parents took this pic at my great-grandma’s place, which means I’m probably laying right in front of the TV.  Buuuut, lil sista Claire is, yet again, hoging up the camera space.  Er, not […]